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why use word tapestries?

Distractions like sloppy writing, spelling mistakes, or poor design leave a bad impression on your readers and muddy your message.

With a clear vision,

Distraction-free communication, engaged audiences

and an achievable mission,

distractions in written material
and suggest refinements
to enhance and support the text
a high quality of work and service

we can help ensure your material does what it was created to do and is presented in its best light possible.

manuscript development

Finished your manuscript? Stuck somewhere? Not sure where to take it next? We can help with that. Start with a free mini-evaluation.

Six steps to a finished product:

1Free, no-obligation, mini-evaluation of a select portion of your manuscript.  more

2 Detailed evaluation with specific suggestions for improvement.  more

3Substantive edit to assess the structural flow and content of the manuscript.  more

4Stylistic edit to polish your manuscript, including word choice, and transitions.*  more

5Copy edit to check for grammatical errors, word usage, and consistency.*  more

6Proofread to catch errors missed in copy-editing and layout irregularities.  more

Each step is available as a standalone, in combination, or as a complete package (including indexing and design).

Word Tapestries uses a team appoach with a fresh set of trained eyes at each step in your manuscript's journey: a managing editor, a stylistic-editor*, copy-editor*, a book designer, an indexer, and a proofreader.

*Note: Stylistic edit and copy edit are often combined into one step


Navigating a book without an index is like taking a trip without a map or a travel guide — there's so much good stuff that you miss.

For an accurate quote, a PDF sample of the text (10–15 pages or a middle chapter) will be required. Please submit as much of following information as possible:

A good index makes a good book even better. It is much more than a mere list of words; it gives the reader alternate entry points to the text.

Layout & Design

Layout and design is everything! It draws your attention to where it should be while enhancing and supporting your message.

Working in three different media, we can meet all your design needs.

All projects and manuscripts are uniquely designed and laid out using current best practices and standards.

Corporate services

Get your corporate message right every time — information about your organization, your products, and your services.

Whether you have internal documents or public ones, corporate reports and financial statements or brochures and newsletters, Word Tapestries can help you deliver your message.

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